Are You Lost​?​-​Ep

by Nojo

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released May 11, 2012

God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are my overseers and greatest influence on my life.

Everything Ever That Went Into Making The Album-Me




Nojo Nashville, Tennessee

I'm Nojo.
You're Nojo.
We're all Squidward.

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Track Name: Grandfather Clock
Trying to solve a riddle,
that we’ve never heard before,
As mom and poppa,
are dancing round the floor.
I’d love to sit here and let the night pass,
To laugh and sing the time away,
but ambition is persistent,
and there are deals I’m forced to make.

Oh Lord,
can you still hear me sing?
I pray for help,
but it doesn’t do a thing.

Working a puzzle at my grandparent’s house,
with my dad, on Thanksgiving day.
He whispered “Tell your mother thank you,
for the meal she fixed today.”
When I’m alone, I become so discontent,
and I’m confused as to where I am.
That’s why I claim that I’m another,
dreamy lover searching for a helping hand.

Oh Lord,
listen to me sing.
I swear to you,
one day I’ll be a king.
Track Name: The Forest
I don’t believe you,
Cause if I do, I’ll turn to stone.
Weathered down, to skin and bone.
And let the wind take me away.
I won’t release you,
Cause if I do, I’ll fall back in,
Back to where this all began.
Back to that ole’ wooden grave.
I hear the trees crash to the ground.
As a violent lightning strike resounds.
But I’m not tempted by the fiercest cry.
I’m not contained by the blackest sky.
Verse Two:
From the forest, I listen to angels.
Trying to knock down my ole’ door.
They wanna teach me ‘bout their Lord.
By singing a Hallelujah chorus.
Down through the trees, I see my mother,
walking into the woods.
crying, “If you only would,
sweet child, come out from that forest.”
I hear the rain, hitting the leaves,
Oh my, if only you could see,
I’m running from my prophecy,
And I won’t return until I’m free.
For a second here, I feel at ease.
My heart’s content, My mind at peace.
Don’t forget this memory
Don’t forget this memory....
Track Name: The Northern Lights
Verse One:
Count me out, tonight.
‘Cause I’ll be drowning in the Northern Lights.
Such a romantic way die.
Hollow-boned and Sleep-deprived.

May you find peace in my eyes.
May you find hope in each of my lies.
May you find love in my demise.

Verse Two:
The ocean blows against my chest,
Made for man. Man-made for rest.
I still dream of love, I must confess.
But what is scent without success?

May you find smoke in my eyes,
May you find trust in each of my lies.
May you find lust in my demise.

Verse Three:
The flashing of a novelty.
A foreign man’s dark fantasy.
A forgotten dream of Ecstasy.
Oh Lord, is this my destiny?

May you find peace in my eyes.
May you find hope in each of my lies.
May you find love in my demise.
Track Name: Shangri La
If I ever grow close to a soul,
I’ll take them to a beautiful place.
I’ve found a hidden river.
Where I spend all my time,
On a rope swing in the shade.
Dreaming about a future
filled with better days.
And dreaming about how they’d feel
if I ran away.

All I want, Is a friend.
All I want, Is a fan.
All I need, is your love.
All I need, is your light.

If I ever become the man,
I still promise I won’t,
If I become an angry soul,
Than may you throw the first stone.
Just tell them, I asked you to.
Just tell them to kill me too.
And they’ll reply we’ll take any excuse,
to end this stubborn man of his blues.
Track Name: Are You Lost?
Can you hear me wailing through the storm?
Oh, I’m as lost as I can be.
Can you hear me through the dark of the night.
Oh, will somebody set me free.

Can you taste my blood upon your tongue?
Can you feel my arms around your waste?
Can you hear my throat scream out one last time,
before my life gets erased.

My Chorus:
Are You Lost
or are you just deceit?
Give me an answer,
Are you lost or incomplete?.
And I want to love you,
I want to love, just anything.
But tell me, are you lost,
or are you just asleep?

Girl’s Chorus:
Oh, how I love you, you’re so beautiful to me.
You are my life, you are my everything.
I’ve been so quickly swept off my feet,
But, tell me, are you lost or are you just asleep?