Take My Hand​(​Freshman Year)

by Nojo

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Recorded and written during my freshman year of high school, Take My Hand is a collection of the thoughts and emotions that made up the year. -Nojo


released May 11, 2012

On A Different Plane Of Credit:
-God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit

On Our Plane:
Cd's and Cases-Ma&Pa
Everything Else That Was Ever Done-Noah Adams




Nojo Nashville, Tennessee

I'm Nojo.
You're Nojo.
We're all Squidward.

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Track Name: Take My Hand
I’m enthralled by this joy,
that stirs within my hollow chest.
I’ve never loved with my whole heart,
But, for you, I’ll try my best.

Will you take my rugged hand?
Will you help me understand?
Will you forget all ‘bout your plans.
And just teach me,
Will you teach me,
to love?
Track Name: All Is Lost
Last month I dreamt a sorry dream,
About the days before I die.
Now It flashes through me everyday,
As I close my weary eyes.

All is lost,
I can sense my death,
Why am I so weak?
When did I deserve this breath?
And everything, my parents said I’d be,
Was meant for someone greater,
someone stronger than me.

Times is slipping through my dried up hands,
The marrow’s rotting in my bones.
You never loved me, like I hoped you would,
Oh, how I feel so alone.

Young love and beauty,
never seemed to turn my way.
I’ve lost my ambition,
and I don’t know what’s left to say.
I’s always told,
everything would be just fine.
But now I feel so lonely,
And I’ve run out of time.

Wait a second,
What does this mean?
Wait a second,
Are you writing this to me?
Wait a second,
Who are you supposed to be?
Wait a second,
Who am I supposed to be?
Track Name: When Your Lover Leaves
I cannot tell you,
It’ll be okay,
Since everything I’ve loved,
Has fallen away.
Maybe you’re an exception,
Baby, you’ll be my girl.
I’ll show you true love,
You’ll be my world.

What have we got to lose?
Everything I own,
Amounts to blues.
You’re the one that keeps me from getting down.
You’re the reason I’m still around.

I’ll be your lover,
Once your lover leaves,
Cause you're the only one,
Who can give me what I need.
Someone who cares for,
And talks ‘bout me,
Putting on my glasses,
To see how I see.
Track Name: Why Can't Love?
Why I can’t I love you,
Straighten up and be your man,
Selflessly follow your plans,
Living together, hand in hand.
And I’d be happy,
And I know you’d be happy too.
Doing what you love to do.
While I sing love songs to you.

What if today’s the day I die?
Ending my lonesome life.
And I never really felt alive.
And I’ve never been baptized.

Why can’t you love me?
Show me that you truly care.
With a love so pure and fair,
A beauty, mystical and rare.
And you would kiss me,
As we gazed up at the night,
And I’d wrap you up so tight,
Everything would feel so right.

What if today’s the day I die,
You don’t even think I would try.
And I see the ocean in your eyes,
But would I even see you cry?
Track Name: My Last Goodbye
My Last Goodbye
My chest,
Breathes out my pain
As I run,
Out into the rain.
And I feel you,
As I begin to drown.
Everything I love,
Is crashing down.
But I
Feel Refreshed,
In your arms.
Oh, I
Feel refreshed,
In your arms.

The Waters,
Get to high,
As I whisper,
My last goodbye,
And it’s alright,
You have my hand.
Even though I can’t,
Begin to understand,
Save me,
From myself.
save me,
from myself.
Track Name: Refresh
Why do I always seem upset?
Useless sorrow, The burdens of regret.
When I could be, sharing joy?

There’s no need, for this despair,
That I write about, In claim that life’s unfair.
While I have everything to enjoy.

I’m the happiest man alive,
My Lord, My family, My friends all on my side.

You know I’m trying to feel this life.
But there’re time, when nothing feels right.
Track Name: The One I Used To Know
Oh, to have a selfless friend.
Someone who’d try to understand.
One who’d talk me from my plans,
And help me be a better man.

Oh, I know I’m not alone.
And if I die, they'll take me home.
But I still cry through the telephone,
To the one I used to know.

All my dreams feel out of place.
Like I walk a different pace,
Life is quickly losing space.
And everything just goes to waste.

I’ve spent years on my design.
Trying to act as if I’m fine.
And now I’m slowly growing blind,
Beauty’s slipping from my mind.

But I still believe in love,
I still believe in love,
I still believe in love.

Oh, I know I’m not alone.
And if I die, they'll take me home.
But I still cry through the telephone,
To the one I used to know.
Track Name: Float Away
Everything is Kerosene,
I’m a proper noun.
Where will my body lay,
While the trumpets all resound.
And I’ll run to Heaven or Hell
Sometimes I’m not to sure,
Cause I’m so weak,
And for that, there ain’t no cure.

You and I will float away,
At least I’ll float alone.
I’m not in a daydream,
This house is not my home.
I’ve never been in love,
My heart’s become a rock.
My soul is wearing down,
I’m a grandfather clock.
Track Name: A Better Man
No more saying “Take my hand”,
No more chasing the mighty wind.
No more saying you’re my world.
No more saying you’re my girl.
Cause it’s time,
For me to choose,
To focus on what is good.
And it’s time,
To understand,
To be a better man.
Next year’s the year that I will be,
Living out my prophecy,
Cause today’s another day,
But soon they’ll want my destiny.
But despite,
The songs I sing,
I really truly love,
It’s just sometimes,
I still cry,
By the lonesome sky.
Track Name: Your Mighty Hand
My God,
What a fool I am.
Searching for a lover,
To take my hand.
Cause I thought a lover,
Would satisfy me.

My Lord,
What an arrogant man, I am.
I thought all I needed,
Were some better friend.
And someday,
they would teach me,
to be happy.

Now I see,
You’re loving hand.
The suicide I need,
To be a better man.
The demons are the ones who understands.
How it feels to fail your only plan.

My God,
You think I can get through it?
My God,
You really think I’ll do it?
When the wayward woman,
And pride, take my hand.
I’m so worried, I won’t be able to withstand.
But then again, you always seem to amaze me.
And in your mighty hand, you won’t misplace me.